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HVAC Schools And Training In Chicago

In-depth training, certification guidance and rapid job growth are just a few of the benefits of attending one of the HVAC schools in Chicago, IL. The cooling and heating industry has expanded over the years, with more employers searching for well-trained technicians to keep customers comfortable. In as little as ten months, someone with a high school education can jump into the field and start making more money.

Career Opportunities

The HVAC schools give students access to some of the top heating and cooling employers in the country. After earning a diploma or degree and passing the required certification exams, future technicians can choose to work in either the residential or commercial job markets. Recent graduates possess the skills they need to apply for entry-level positions, while experienced journeymen can advance their careers in any number of directions.

Not all Chicago HVAC graduates choose to become service technicians. Obtaining an accredited HVAC education can result in titles such as:

  • maintenance manager
  • building engineer
  • contractor
  • refrigeration technician
  • installer
  • equipment mechanic
  • apprentice
  • foreman

Some of the newest positions involve solar installation and repair, as well as other energy-efficient technologies.

Residential Job Openings

Due to its large population, cold winters and humid summers, Chicago is an ideal place to work in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field. Qualified technicians can serve lakefront mansions, downtown high-rises, suburban houses or historic bungalows. Climate control workers in apartment complexes typically focus on a particular location, whereas dispatched technicians may travel all over Chicago as needed. Individuals may focus on new construction, remodels or general residential needs.

Commercial HVAC Job Openings

As the metropolitan area adds more businesses, more HVAC/R personnel will also be required. Commercial employment opportunities are plentiful, especially for tradespeople with refrigeration certifications.

Some of the Chicago companies now accepting HVAC applications include:

  • Bars and restaurants, both independent and chains
  • Ice cream manufacturers, frozen food storage warehouses and other refrigeration-dependent businesses
  • Hospitals, residential treatment facilities, outpatient clinics, morgues, mortuaries and other medical facilities
  • Gyms, fitness chains, sports arenas and recreation centers
  • Grocery stores, convenience marts, liquor stores and florists
  • Schools, banks and office buildings
  • Spas, hotels, amusement parks and local attractions

Illinois HVAC Training

The fastest way to begin working at any of these facilities is to enroll in one of the local vocational schools. Many programs combine state-of-the-art technology with experienced instructors and hands-on practice to deliver the HVAC skills that today's employers demand.

Neighborhood Course Options

Chicago's HVAC schools may take different approaches to education, but they all deliver top-notch training that can rarely be matched elsewhere. Some of the hallmarks include small classes, audio-visual instruction, laboratory practice, flexible class schedules and rapid graduation. Many schools even offer career assistance, such as internship placements or job search help.

Students who go through HVAC/R career preparation classes typically learn about the following areas:

  • Assessing, installing, repairing and improving climate control systems
  • Designing and installing residential and commercial HVAC systems with proper ventilation for Chicago, Illinois
  • Reading blueprints and complying with manufacturer specifications
  • Fixing gas-fired, oil-fired and electric heating systems
  • Troubleshooting compressors, condensers, evaporators, pipes and electrical circuits
  • Draining, filling and charging refrigerant-based systems
  • Operating and programming electronic controls

Prepare for HVAC Certification

Preparing men and women for industry certification is one of the most important roles played by the HVAC schools in Chicago. Many institutions include certificate testing in the cost of tuition. HVAC Excellence and North American Technician Excellence are two of the top certifying bodies connected to Chicago schools, but the Environmental Protection Agency's Section 608 is also a highly sought-after part of the curriculum.

In addition to theories concerning electricity, plumbing, ventilation, energy efficiency and climate control, these certificates demonstrate knowledge of key equipment and manufacturers. Students must understand rooftop and ground-placed units, sheet metal fabrication and pipe threading, heat pump operation, radiant heating design and air cleaning systems in addition to the course components mentioned above. Some certificates focus on particular brand names, such as Carrier, Rheem, Lennox, American Standard, Weather King, Honeywell, Tappan and Janitrol. Chicago's HVAC schools become the gateway to critical industry knowledge and better jobs.

Chicago HVAC Schools

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