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HVAC Certification In CT

HVAC Certification in Connecticut

HVAC Schools In Connecticut

Connecticut state regulations require that all HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) professionals must be licensed with the Department of Consumer Protection. Passing a written exam is part of the process involved in obtaining this license. Anyone interested in an HVAC career in Connecticut can choose among a number of private technical schools in the state to prepare for this examination.

Connecticut HVAC schools offer prospective technicians a diploma, degree or HVAC certification with the completion of a one to two year program. HVAC training courses are typically split into two segments – lecture and internship hours.

The internships are important as they offer students valuable on-the-job training. This is also a great way for students to find full-time work upon graduating, as HVAC contractors in the area are always seeking qualified assistants and commonly hire students who have trained with them.

In addition to the field training, classroom hours provide students with lectures tackling HVAC fundamentals like installation, general maintenance, common repairs, and basic to advanced troubleshooting. The coursework generally requires familiarity with math and science since blueprint and manual readings are essential to success in the HVAC sector.

On this page, we will give a brief run down of a few of the private technical schools offering HVAC training in Connecticut.

Porter and Chester Institute

The Porter and Chester Institute offers its HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) training programs at its main campus in Stratford, in addition to campuses at Branford, Rocky Hill, Waterbury, and Enford.

Their program delves into all facets of HVAC from residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. Students are given the choice of a one-year daily program that runs five hours a day, five days per week, in either the morning or afternoon or an evening program that runs 18-months, 4.5 hours a day, three days per week.

Here are a few other benefits of the HVACR program at Porter and Chester Institute:

  • School-sponsored financial aid scholarships and awards in addition to federal financial aid programs.
  • Continued Career Placement Services
  • Classes available year-round in January, April, July, and October.

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Industrial Management & Training Institute

The Industrial Management & Training Institute campus is located in Waterbury, Connecticut. Their HVAC program caters towards adults prepping for licensing by offering evening classes four hours per week. Short weekend exam prep courses are also offered. There is also a 15-month diploma program. For more information visit

Lincoln Technical Institute

This national school provides Connecticut HVAC training at its New Britain and East Windsor campuses. Students have the option of a 12-month daytime or 24-month evening program with both classroom and hands-on instruction. The hands-on practice has students working on actual units with all lab work kept to 20 or fewer students for more attentive dedicated training. Classroom courses generally have fewer than 40 students. For more information visit

ICPA Technical Education Center

The ICPA (Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association) provides HVAC training and seminars that teach students the theory of repairing HVAC systems. Students actually get dirt under their fingernails when applying what they’ve learned on actual units. Owners of local heating companies and service managers oversee training seminars to ensure that the training mimics real-life HVAC jobs. Advanced B, S, and D license training is also available, along with an apprenticeship program for a heating and cooling mechanic’s S-2 license. For more information please visit

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Why Become A Connecticut HVAC Technician

Very few industries offer job security. Air conditioners, furnaces, ventilation systems, and refrigerators aren’t on any endangered species list and will always require a qualified technician to install, maintain, and repair them. For this reason, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a nine percent increase in HVAC jobs in Connecticut by 2016. It is very rare to find any sector with projected job growth in this economy and job market.

Finding the right Connecticut-based HVAC program is critical to having success in this field. Good HVAC programs in Connecticut will teach installers and mechanics how to repair sophisticated systems and better prepare them for a smart career change that remains profitable even in the most uncertain of times.

Thankfully Connecticut has many schools offering HVAC training with programs available to accommodate any existing job or busy schedule. Perhaps the best thing about getting HVAC certification in Connecticut is all training and licensing can be acquired in just 12-24 months.