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HVAC Certification In Arkansas

Obtaining HVAC Certification In Arkansas

Becoming an HVAC technician is a career path that may allow you to build a steady, stable income with the right certifications. HVAC technicians can work as independent contractors or can seek employment through HVAC repair companies.

The requirements for certification can differ from profession to profession, so make sure to consider what is required of you before following this career path. It is important to consider that each state has its own unique set of requirements for certification in the HVAC industry.

Who is an HVAC technicianIn order to obtain HVAC certification in Arkansas, you should consider the following.

  • A certification course will cover all aspects of HVAC training, including air conditioning, refrigeration, ventillation and heating.
  • An HVAC certification course is going to include two main facets, a classroom or lecture portion and training hours that incorporate hands-on learning. Both of these facets of certification are required in order to pass the course because both are integral in preparing the student for the requirements of the job.
  • HVAC technicians are not required to obtain any specific license by the state of Arkansas unless they are working as a contractor. There are two different types of licenses that HVAC contractors can acquire. Class A licenses allow for unlimited capacities and unlimited sizes. Class B licenses allow for work on systems up to 15 tons of capacity per unit of cooling.
  • Residential HVAC certification in Arkansas requires contractors to go through four years of training and experience prior to acquiring the certification. A commercial certification, on the other hand, requires a minimum five years of training and experience prior to obtaining the certification.
  • After going through the required education and training, students are required to take an open-book written examination to acquire either of these certifications. The examination for the Class A certification is a four hour exam with 100 questions. The examination for the Class B certification is a three hour exam with 50 questions. There is also a Business and Law exam required by the state of Arkansas for independent contractors. This is a two hour exam featuring 50 questions. Students must obtain a passing grade of 70% or higher in order to obtain a certification in their chosen field.
  • After passing the required examination, technicians must pay an annual fee in order to maintain the licensing with the state of Arkansas. For the Class A certification, the required fee is $200 annually. For the Class B certification, the required fee is $150 annually.
  • More information about obtaining HVAC certification in Arkansas can be found by contacting the Arkansas Department of Health. Their toll free number is 1-501-661-2642. The Arkansas Department of Health will be able to provide information on testing for certification, required education and where an aspiring HVAC technician can get the training that they need prior to testing for the certification.

Obtaining HVAC certification in Arkansas is an excellent way to begin a career in the field of HVAC repair and maintenance. This is a career path that can provide a stable and steady income for many years. It is essential to get the right training and education under your belt prior to beginning this career path, but there are plenty of avenues to pursue in Arkansas if you are serious about it.

Arkansas HVAC Schools

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